To grow or monetize your stream, uptime and quality are paramount. So buffering, laggy games and DDoS attacks, will stop you succeeding.

The Netduma R1 router contains world-first features that will unlock your stream’s potential by giving you the power to:

  1. Allocate bandwidth to your stream
  2. Completely protecting against DDoS attacks
  3. Improve your gaming experience by minimising lag
  4. Easily configure your settings, no technical knowledge is required

Launched in December 2014, the Netduma router is already used by many of the world’s leading streamers, including MattHDGamer, LTZonda and CapgunTom, and has been nominated for the British Inventors’ Project.

This is why you need the Netduma R1 for streaming:

1. Allocate bandwidth to your stream

With Device Prioritisation, you can allocate all of your upload bandwidth to your gaming and streaming devices, removing buffering and ensuring your viewers see you at your best.

Any excess bandwidth is automatically given to the other devices in your home so your family or friends are not affected.

2. Protect your stream from DDoS attacks

Netduma’s VPN-Hybrid fully protects your PC game & your stream from a DDoS attack and, unlike a typical VPN, will not add any lag or reduce your bandwidth:

And if you are a console player, you can easily apply a VPN to your console. This makes it impossible for an attacker to get your home’s IP address to launch an attack.

In the rare event of an attack on your VPN, your connection cannot be held hostage , and by keeping your streaming PC outside of a VPN, your stream is immune from an attack so you can continue broadcasting. This is very straightforward to setup, with no networking knowledge required.

In April 2015, Netduma will reveal a new feature which will add ground-breaking protection for streamers via a free upgrade. Follow @netduma to ensure you do not miss this major announcement.

3. Improve your gaming experience by minimising lag

Developed by gamers, the Netduma router uses unique technology that will crush your game’s lag by guaranteeing local hosts and by eliminating lag caused by others’ downloading. Read more here.

4. Easily configure your settings – no technical knowledge is required

Setting up your Netduma router could not be simpler – just plug it into your existing router, connect your devices to your new Netduma router and away you go.

Plus with an attractive and intuitive interface, it could not be easier to configure your ideal settings. No expertise is required and an active community forum are on hand to help whenever you need it.

Maximise your stream and transform your gaming experience now: