What does ‘Always Improving’ mean?

Since our launch in December 2014, we have released over 17 free software upgrades. And unlike other companies, these upgrades are not simple patches, but major leap-forwards to the router’s technology. Here is a demonstration of our 17th upgrade, released in February 2016:

How do continual upgrades benefit me?

Most of the upgrades have been driven by community ideas & feedback. This means a Netduma router is being continually optimised and perfected to give you the best user experience possible.

Here are a list of just some of the many features that have been released, for free, since we launched one year ago:

  • VPN Hybrid – advanced DDoS protection for major PC games
  • Ping Assist – ping filtering added to the Geo-filter
  • Profiles – ideal settings for your favourite games
  • Temp Server Ban – temporarily block dedicated servers
  • Hyper-Lane – ensure your gaming traffic is never caught in a queue
  • Internet Diagnostics – run a test on your home’s connection to check for connection issues
  • Automatic setup
  • Asymmetric prioritisation – set different priorities for your download and your upload connection
  • Ping pop out – overlay your game’s ping onto your stream
  • Cloud updates – continual improvement to the Geo-filter’s power by adding new game servers
  • New games – rapid compatibility with new game releases e.g. Black Ops 3, Halo 5 and Destiny: The Taken King


Tell me more

We love continued feedback so if you have any suggestions for improvements to your Netduma, please let us know on our community forum here