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How do I access the router / do I need to install software onto my computer?

You can the router’s interface by using any device with an internet browser, for example a laptop, a smartphone, PC or a tablet. It is also possible to use the internet browser on your console.

To access the interface, you type in the default address of the Netduma R1

We do advise the first time you conenct to the interface wherever possible to use a wired connection to a PC.

You do not need to install any programs onto your computer to access the router.




What do I get with my order?

Along with your router, you will also receive:

  • A Cat 6 Ethernet cable
  • A quick start guide
  • A power supply
  • A power converter for your country (if applicable)
  • How do I set up my Netduma router and quickly access it?

    You can access your routers interface via any web browser. The default address is ‘’

    See our Quickstart guide:
    You will also receive a printed quick start guide in the box.

    Ideally, your Netduma router is plugged into your current modem or modem / router combo that your

    internet service provider (ISP) gave you

    The setup is therefore:

    Wall – ISP modem / router –

    If you have a router that you want / need to continue to use, then you have two options:

    Option 1:

    Wall – ISP modem – secondary router – Netduma R1

    If every device is connected to the Netduma R1 then you will be maximising its potential – which is


    If you do not connect every device to Netduma R1 then you will not be maximising its congestion

    control features

    If you need any assistance in setting up your R1 please visit our support forums

    Will this work with cable, DSL or my broadband?

    Yes, it will. Just connect the router directly into your ISPs router or modem then connect all other devices to the netduma R1 and you will be all good to go.

    How do I get an Open NAT?

    1. Put your secondary router into modem mode / bridge mode; if this is not possible then:
    2. Put the Netduma R1 into a DMZ on your secondary router; if this is not possible then:
    3. Remove all port forwarding rules on your secondary router and enable UPnP. Your Netduma R1 will automatically open ports to give you an open NAT